Comprehensive CDR Scanning Service for Antibody Patent Protection

Protect Your Antibody Intellectual Property

Integral Molecular’s Paratope-PLUS Comprehensive CDR Scanning service tests every possible individual amino acid substitution at each residue within your antibody’s complementarity-determining regions (CDRs).

By experimentally identifying every CDR substitution that permits target binding, Paratope-PLUS provides data that support the enablement and written description requirements for your patent application, allowing you to claim a wider genus of related antibody structures. The service often identifies variants that bind or express better than the parental antibody, which provide the basis for antibody engineering and new patent composition claims.

A comprehensive Final Report contains the entire data set for your scientists, as well as a set of draft claims for your patent counsel.

Paratope-PLUS Project Workflow

Process overview. Once your sequences are submitted, assay setup consists of building the parental antibody construct and optimizing binding conditions. During comprehensive CDR mutagenesis, we build the 19 amino acid variants for each CDR residue. The high throughput binding assay identifies permissible variants. A report includes binding data, expression data, and illustrative claim sets.

Paratope-PLUS services are optimized to deliver quality results at an affordable price point. Because our processes use high-throughput mutagenesis and binding assays, Paratope-PLUS delivers the precise, single–amino-acid resolution information necessary for your patent at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Your Final Report will include all binding and expression data for each antibody variant, paratope information, permissible substitutions at every CDR residue, and a set of draft patent claims for your patent counsel.

Follow-up antibody characterization and Protein Engineering services are also available.

Project Deliverables Included in Final Report

Binding level of each antibody variant
Expression level of each antibody variant
Critical CDR residues required for target binding
Every permissible amino acid substitution that retains the antibody’s ability to bind its target
Data formatted for inclusion in patent filings
A set of draft patent claims for your patent counsel

The Industry Leader in Antibody Mapping

Our team of scientists pioneered high-throughput mutagenesis and protein expression technologies that have been successfully used to map over 1,000 antibody interactions that have been featured in over 250 manuscripts and patents.

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1,000+ antibodies mapped; our data in 150+ patents; 100+ mapping manuscripts; 30,000+ mutations delivered; 20+ years experience engineering proteins.

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