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Popular Applications for Neutralization Assay Services

We do two types of neutralization assay projects. Neutralization Curve projects are for customers who want comparative neutralization data including NT50. Hits projects are a lower-cost option for customers who want to screen a panel of candidates for neutralizing activity.

  • Hit screening — test a panel to identify candidates with neutralizing activity
  • Antibody profiling — characterize candidates for hit validation or lead selection; test for neutralization against a panel of viral strains
  • Breadth of neutralization — test an antibody’s neutralizing ability against multiple viral strains
  • Antibody cocktail screening — test neutralization ability for combinations of antibodies
  • Validating predictions — generate data for molecules predicted by AI or modeling that may have virus-neutralizing activity
  • Small molecule screening — test for viral entry inhibition
Case Study: SARS-CoV-2 Reporter Viruses Reveal Antibodies’ Breadth of Neutralization

Finding Answers to Your Antibody Questions

Just because an antibody can bind doesn’t mean it can neutralize. Our high-throughput screening platform can quickly and affordably identify which antibodies in your panel have neutralizing activity. When you leave the tedious part to us, your team has more time for critical activities.

Viruses are constantly evolving. When numerous variants exist, it’s important to understand how your antibody neutralizes all of them. As new variants emerge, updated neutralization data is critical to ensure ongoing potency for therapeutic antibodies and validity for other countermeasures. With our extensive catalog of off-the-shelf reagents, you can have data as soon as 4 weeks from receipt of antibodies. If you need to understand how your antibody neutralizes a special mutant or strain not in our catalog, we can prepare custom strains in as little as 10-12 weeks.

Neutralization curves and NT50 calculations are a snap for our team. We have years of experience with neutralization assays, and we routinely calculate NT50 on a test antibody each time we make a new lot of RVPs. To ensure the validity of your data, we will always test your antibodies alongside appropriate controls. You can trust us to get it right.

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