Discovering therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and delivering lead molecules against difficult targets

MAbs against GPCRs, Ion Channels &Transporters​

>95% success rate

20+ years expertise focused on difficult targets

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Therapeutic Antibody Discovery: Your Partner for the Most Diverse Leads

The MPS antibody discovery platform is specifically designed to generate the most diverse antibodies against even the most difficult targets, with a success rate of >95%.

These antibodies are delivered to you as validated and well-characterized lead molecules in bispecific and other formats, ready for IND-enabling studies.

3D rendering of a cell membrane with an embedded, complex protein. Text reads, “Delivering MAbs against complex membrane proteins, highly conserved epitopes, functional epitopes, epitopes with rare properties.”

The MPS Platform: Your Lead Discovery Engine

Bring us your difficult targets, membrane proteins, highly conserved proteins, and functional epitopes.

MPS is the only antibody discovery platform specifically built for challenging protein targets, such as GPCRs, ion channels, and transporters—targets that many consider undruggable. It’s the platform we’ve used to develop the assets in our own therapeutic pipeline.

But the MPS platform delivers MAbs against all types of protein targets. That’s because it’s built on high-quality antigen, an evolutionarily divergent immunization host that yields large, diverse panels of candidates, and deep biology expertise in creating lead candidates.

5-step overview of the MPS therapeutic antibody discovery process: native antigen from Lipoparticles and mRNA, chickens as a divergent immunization host, panels of diverse and human monoclonal antibodies, biology expertise for developing lead candidates, and preclinical lead molecules.

“Access to Integral Molecular’s capabilities complements our ability to advance our therapeutic pipeline, which is dedicated to delivering novel antibody therapeutics to patients.”

Technology: Learn How MPS Delivers Therapeutic Lead Candidates

Native epitopes at high concentration using RNA, DNA & Lipoparticles (VLPs)
Access more epitopes with chickens and our humanized chicken antibody technology
Bispecific and trispecific libraries in highly developable formats
20+ years expertise in developing lead candidates

Features: What Sets MPS Apart

Results where others have failed
When you partner with us, you’ll get results the first time. MPS is optimized for discovering antibodies against the most challenging targets, including membrane proteins. That’s why we’re the industry leader in delivering MAbs against difficult targets, with a 95% success rate.
Icon: a group of antibodies
The most diverse antibody panels in the industry
When you want to discover an antibody with rare properties, it’s essential to start with a large, diverse library, such as those we get from chickens—because it gives you the best chance of hitting the right epitope for therapeutic function.

All of our antibodies are humanized using our one-step hCAT platform, with high affinity, high specificity, and documented developability, giving you therapeutic lead candidates 12-18 months from IND.

To learn more about how MPS delivers these features and more, visit the pages in the Technology section.

“We have been impressed by Integral Molecular’s membrane protein expertise and their proven record in discovering antibodies against membrane proteins.”

Disclosed Partners​

Learn about our antibody discovery partnerships, as well as licensing agreements we’ve formed around assets in our own therapeutic MAb pipeline, discovered using the MPS Antibody Discovery Platform.

Featured Case Studies & Publications​

For more case studies, publications, and webinars, visit the Resources page

Frequently Asked Questions

The MPS Antibody Discovery platform emerged from Integral Molecular’s 20+ years’ experience and specialization in complex membrane proteins. It is our proven platform for isolating, optimizing, and characterizing the highest-quality therapeutic antibodies against all types of membrane proteins. Our approach leverages an array of proprietary technologies and expertise to overcome the challenges associated with these intractable targets. This approach generates panels of validated, high-performance MAbs, with a success rate over 95%. We then apply our biology expertise to develop these MAbs into well-characterized lead candidates in a variety of formats, including bispecifics and trispecifics.
The MPS Antibody Discovery platform has been successfully applied to every type of membrane protein, including GPCRs, ion channels, and transporters, as well as multi-subunit proteins and immuno-oncology targets. Our platform is specifically designed to overcome the challenges of targeting multipass membrane proteins that are highly conserved, toxic, or poorly expressed..

The MPS Antibody Discovery platform overcomes three key barriers to enable success: presenting native epitopes, making the target highly immunogenic, and generating MAbs against diverse epitopes. Optimizing the antigen and immunization strategy are critically important for downstream success. The MPS Antibody Discovery platform overcomes challenges associated with membrane proteins such as poor expression, trafficking, toxicity, and preservation of native conformation. As the inventors of Lipoparticles, we begin your project with the highest-quality antigen available for immunization and discovery. Our innovative immunization protocols includes the use of divergent species (chickens), DNA, mRNA, and Lipoparticles (VLPs) to preserve the structure of the antigen, proprietary adjuvants, and phage protocols optimized for membrane protein challenges. This system is proven to elicit a robust, diverse, and focused immune responses on relevant extracellular epitopes. We routinely isolate high-affinity, humanized MAbs against highly conserved membrane protein targets, with unique characteristics including state-specific binding and functional activity.

Yes! Functional antibodies against membrane protein targets are valuable for therapeutic applications, yet they are often rare and challenging to isolate and characterize. Antibodies with functional activity may depend on various characteristics, including specific epitopes or paratopes and high-affinity interactions. Because the MPS Antibody Discovery platform is tailored to yield large panels of diverse MAbs with high affinity and specificity against conformationally intact membrane protein targets, it often yields antibodies with these rare functional properties. We have isolated agonists, antagonists, and state-specific antibodies against complex membrane protein targets, and we have in-house capabilities to assess functional activity with cell-based FLIPR assays such as calcium flux, cAMP, and FMP membrane potential assays.
Many membrane proteins are notoriously difficult to work with due to their low surface expression and high toxicity. We use proprietary vectors and targeted mutagenesis methods to engineer membrane proteins for enhanced surface expression, trafficking, and stability. Importantly, our engineering strategies maintain the native extracellular structure of each membrane protein, ensuring that the antibody response to the engineered protein will recapitulate the wild-type immune response.

Yes, the MPS platform delivers fully humanized MAbs. Healthy, outbred, wild-type chickens are excellent immunization hosts, producing robust immune responses and offering excellent opportunities for MAb diversity while overcoming homology challenges associated with mammalian hosts. Chicken antibody frameworks are highly amenable to humanization. With our Humanized Chicken Antibody Discovery technology (hCAT), antibody CDR’s from responsive chickens are humanized prior to the creation of immune libraries used for phage panning. Thus, hits isolated from screening are already fully humanized, eliminating the time and cost required for downstream engineering. The result is high-affinity, fully humanized MAbs ready for preclinical characterization.

Integral Molecular is also a Certified Service Provider of Alloy Therapeutics, offering immunization in ATX-GxTM transgenic, immunocompetent mice which produce human antibodies.

The final deliverable of an MPS Antibody Discovery project is usually a selection of well-characterized, high affinity, highly specific, humanized therapeutic lead candidates that meet the customer’s specifications.

In addition to the final deliverable, customers may elect to receive progress reports during their MPS project, such as for:

  • Target Expression – Validation data for immunization, panning, and screening constructs
  • Serum Reactivity – Immune responses of each animal
  • Clone Screen – MAb selection results and diversity
  • MAb Validation and Sequence

Yes, we offer custom Lipoparticle services, as well as a catalog of pre-validated ReadyReceptor Lipoparticles. More information is available on our Lipoparticles page. Contact us to discuss your protein of interest and how Lipoparticles can unleash your research and discovery projects.

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