Assess specificity and off-target binding of your biotherapeutic candidates. De-risk your program and choose the right lead molecule.

6,000 Membrane proteins

Native binding in unfixed cells

IND-ready report in 4 weeks

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Membrane Proteome Array: The Leading Solution for Antibody Specificity Profiling

The Membrane Proteome Array is the leading solution for antibody specificity profiling. Our cell-based array contains the largest set of human membrane proteins (including heterocomplexes) assembled to determine specificity and preclinical safety of antibodies, CAR-T cell therapies, and other biotherapeutics.

“MPA technology quickly provided us with the reassurance that Abound Bio’s potent neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 did not bind off-target human membrane proteins, which could be associated with toxicity.”

“We have been very pleased with the data that we obtained from the Membrane Proteome Array platform. This showed that our antibodies recognize only their select target, and not other membrane proteins in their panel.”

The MPA Advantage: What Makes the MPA so Successful

6,000 membrane proteins  (including heterocomplexes)
representing >94% of the membrane proteome

High sensitivity flow cytometry detection, using unfixed cells to ensure native protein conformation and prevent false positives and negatives
Compatible with all biotherapeutics including monoclonal antibodies, scFv, VHH, bispecifics, peptides, and CAR-T cell therapies
4-week turnaround for IND-ready data package
with option for full traceability and auditability
Target validation by titration analysis
Successfully screened 1000+ molecules

MPA Accepted into FDA’s ISTAND Program

Our MPA+IND service is the first Drug Development Tool to be considered under the FDA’s ISTAND Pilot Program. To learn more about this program, what’s next for us, and what it could mean for you, visit the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A standard MPA project takes 6-8 weeks from receipt of your antibodies, including a 2 week lead time. MPA+IND projects can be completed in 4 weeks from receipt of antibody.

The Membrane Proteome Array uses the largest membrane protein library ever assembled, flow cytometry, and unfixed cells for high-sensitivity detection, resulting in the broadest screens and the highest success rates. A typical project involves:

    • 1. You send us 500 µg of each antibody that you would like screened
    • 2. We optimize conditions for detecting antibody binding in our high-throughput system
    • 3. We screen your antibodies on the Membrane Proteome Array under optimized conditions
    • 4. We confirm all identified targets in a second flow cytometry titration experiment
    • 5. You receive a detailed report containing the membrane protein binding profiles of your antibodies, the identity of validated targets, and publication-quality figures
You will receive a detailed report containing the binding profiles of your antibodies and results from a second validation screen (antibody titration screen) on any identified targets. The report contains publication-quality figures. Additional publication, and patent support, is available on request.
The MPA can be flexible regarding screening conditions. All screens are performed under unfixed conditions as a standard. We can also incorporate special requests such as serum-free or calcium-dependent conditions, if needed. We will discuss the best conditions for your antibodies with you at the start of your project.
Hits are validated by testing serial dilutions of your antibodies for binding to cells over-expressing identified target(s) in a second flow cytometry experiment. This validation screen is included as part of every project.

FAQ Question about ISTAND:

What does the MPA’s qualification under the FDA’s ISTAND Program mean for me?


Our MPA+IND service provides antibody specificity testing and safety profiling information for your IND applications. Through ISTAND, we are working with the FDA toward streamlining your regulatory review process. To learn more, visit MPA Accepted for Consideration under FDA’s ISTAND Program

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