Harness Integral Molecular’s 20+ years of protein engineering experience to improve gene therapy

10x to 100x  improvements

deep screening platforms

103 to 109 variants screened

How can protein engineering improve gene therapy transgenes?


GeneCanvas™ provides a multi-faceted approach to protein engineering

Increase expression (learn more)

Increase stability (learn more)

Increase activity

Improve trafficking

  10x to 100x improvements

Integral Molecular’s GeneCanvas advantage

Our scientists bring an unrivaled combination of deep protein engineering expertise and a diverse toolkit to develop a customized strategy for each engineering challenge
4 deep screening platforms including high-throughput Shotgun Mutagenesis ™, Comprehensive Affinity Mutagenesis(CAM ™), flow sorting, and phage screening
20+ years experience engineering the most difficult proteins, including ion channels, transporters, GPCRs, viral proteins, and enzymes
100s of proteins (antibodies, viruses, transgenes) optimized for affinity, activity, and specificity
103 to 109 variants screened using high-throughput capabilities and in silico structural analyses

430+ papers and patents published using Integral Molecular technologies; engineering expertise used throughout the biopharmaceutical industry

Integral Molecular’s GeneCanvas engineering technologies

We conduct a detailed analysis of each target to determine the optimal approach for protein engineering and to develop a customized work plan for our partners
Shotgun Mutagenesis
Using our shotgun mutagenesis high-throughput mutagenesis and comprehensive affinity mutagenesis, we create thousands of targeted mutations and screen them for binding or functional activity in human cells
High-throughput Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting
We produce millions of variants by random mutagenesis and use flow cytometry for rapid and high-sensitivity assessment of binding in live human cells
Comprehensive Affinity Maturation
We generate a library of thousands of mutations in bacteria using proprietary technologies and screen the variants for optimal activity
Phage Panning
Using specialized phage protocols, we select variants from libraries of up to 109 complexity that display high-affinity binding

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