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Integral Molecular Partners with China’s Leading Preclinical CRO JOINN for Comprehensive Specificity Testing of Antibodies and CAR-T Therapeutics

PHILADELPHIA – JOINN Laboratories, China’s leading preclinical contract research organization (CRO), has partnered with Integral Molecular to provide researchers in China with rapid antibody specificity testing against the entire human membrane proteome using Integral Molecular’s Membrane Proteome Array (MPA) technology. The ability to select lead candidates with high specificity will reduce safety liabilities prior to clinical development of therapeutic antibodies and CAR-T cancer treatments.

Off-target binding of antibodies can result in severe or life-threatening adverse events, especially when antibody binding is used to direct cell killing, as with CAR-T cell therapeutics. Specificity testing using Integral Molecular’s MPA is now routinely included in investigational new drug (IND) applications submitted to regulatory agencies.

“At JOINN, we provide preclinical research services for most of the CAR-T cell therapeutics being developed in China,” said Mr. Leon (Jingliang) Gu, EMT & VP of JOINN Laboratories. “We understand the possible consequences of misdirected cell killing and why MPA data represents a valuable component of preclinical packages submitted to the U.S. FDA and the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in China.”

The MPA antibody specificity profiling service was developed by Integral Molecular as a comprehensive approach to detect binding of antibodies, cells, and other biologics to membrane protein targets for early de-risking of drug development. The MPA is the largest library of human membrane proteins, covering 94% of the membrane proteome and includes nearly all G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), ion channels, and transporters expressed in live cells.

About Integral Molecular
Integral Molecular ( is the industry leader in discovering and characterizing therapeutic antibodies against membrane proteins, an important group of drug targets found on the surfaces of cells and viruses. Integral Molecular’s technologies have been integrated into the drug discovery pipelines of over 400 biotech and pharmaceutical companies to help discover new therapies for cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and viral threats such as SARS-CoV-2, Ebola, Zika, and dengue virus.

About JOINN Laboratories
JOINN Laboratories is the pioneer of commercial GLP laboratories in China and was the first preclinical CRO to be inspected by the U.S. FDA for GLP compliance in China. JOINN has an excellent track record spanning over two decades in efficacy studies and IND enabling GLP toxicology studies and is the oldest privately-owned non-clinical safety evaluation institute.

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