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Integral Molecular Achieves ISO 9001 Certification for its Virology Critical Reagents Supporting Vaccine Development

Philadelphia– Integral Molecular, a leader in providing essential research tools that enable vaccine development, proudly announces the achievement of ISO 9001 certification for the quality systems and processes used in their virology offerings. With over 20 years of experience and 100+ peer-reviewed publications in virology, Integral Molecular is a trusted partner for researchers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, supplying critical reagents such as Reporter Virus Particles (RVPs), virus-like particles (VLPs), pseudoviruses, and Influenza TiterSafe™ VLPs. These non-replicative particles provide a ready-to-use substitute for live viruses and have been used in neutralization assays to support the clinical development of marketed vaccines.

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ISO 9001 certification underscores Integral Molecular’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards for quality.

High Quality Virology Tools Enable:

  • Reproducible data. Quality-controlled processes and stringent lot-release criteria ensure product uniformity and reliable experimental results with minimized variability.
  • High-throughput assays for clinical trials. RVPs are critical reagents that can be confidently included in submissions to regulatory agencies such as the FDA or EMA to support approval for new vaccines and drugs.
  • Scale-up for large studies. Scalable processes enable end-users to seamlessly request large volumes of critical reagent material to test the hundreds to thousands of samples necessary for all phases of clinical trial testing of serum samples.

“The FDA has recognized the value of using non-replicative virus reagents to obtain immunogenicity data for vaccine studies—especially during the COVID pandemic, when the ability to conduct rapid serum neutralization studies was paramount. Our virology reagents are manufactured using standardized procedures and ISO-certified processes. Scientists can trust the consistency and reliability of our products, knowing exactly what to expect each time.”   
Maya Cabot, PhD, Senior Product Manager, Integral Molecular

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Integral Molecular ( is the industry leader in creating and commercializing transformative technologies that advance the discovery of therapeutics against difficult protein targets. With 20+ years of experience focused on membrane proteins, viruses, and antibodies, Integral Molecular’s technologies have been integrated into the drug discovery pipelines of over 600 biotech and pharmaceutical companies to help discover new therapies for cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and viral threats such as SARS-CoV-2, Ebola, Zika, and dengue viruses.

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