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RVP Users’ Group: Omicron RVPs and their role in safe neutralization assessment | February 15th, 11am ET

Join this users’ group to learn about our extensive catalog of SARS-CoV-2 Reporter Virus Particles (RVPs, pseudotyped viruses) including Omicron, and how they enable researchers to rapidly test neutralization titers of antibodies and vaccine sera in a safe BSL-2 environment.

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We will discuss:

  • Integral Molecular’s extensive catalog of >65 SARS-CoV-2 Reporter Virus Particles (RVPs) and how they can help you safely assess virus neutralization
  • New offerings including Omicron RVPs (available now), and specialized reagents coming soon
  • Case studies of antibodies that bind Spike but permit infection, highlighting the importance of assaying neutralization

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