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Integral Molecular’s MPS Antibody Discovery Platform Yields Therapeutic Assets for Oncology and Metabolic Syndrome

Integral Molecular, the industry leader in membrane protein antibody discovery, announces the development of antibody assets targeting membrane proteins important in oncology (Claudin 6) and metabolic syndrome (GLUT4 and CB1). These therapeutic assets are among the first released in a pipeline of antibodies being isolated with the MPS Antibody Discovery platform, which is tailored for the discovery of rare, functional antibodies against complex membrane protein targets.

In a paper published in PNAS (Tucker et al., May 2018), the company revealed the discovery of the first functional MAbs against GLUT4, an insulin-responsive glucose transporter important in diabetes. Epitope mapping showed that MAbs LM043 and LM048 are rare state-specific MAbs, selectively binding only certain active forms of the GLUT4 transporter.

Last month at the PEGS protein engineering conference, Integral Molecular presented their discovery of antagonist MAb IM-102 against CB1 for NASH (inflammatory liver disease). IM-102 inhibits CB1 with 23 times greater potency than a benchmark MAb currently in phase 1 clinical trials. At the AACR conference this spring, the company presented its discovery of highly specific antibodies against Claudin 6, an established membrane protein target in ovarian cancer.

Ross Chambers, VP of Antibody Discovery, attributes the company’s 95% success rate in MAb isolation to optimization of its antibody discovery platform: “Our proprietary technologies allow us to obtain hundreds of diverse, high-affinity antibodies against complex targets, enabling us to discover antibodies with rare functional properties.”

Integral Molecular’s MPS Antibody Discovery platform encompasses a technology suite that overcomes the obstacles of working with highly homologous and structurally complex targets. This suite includes antigen engineering and presentation on Lipoparticles, immunization of divergent species, and use of B-cell cloning to recover rare antibodies. Integral Molecular is currently isolating MAbs against dozens of membrane protein targets.

About Integral Molecular
Integral Molecular ( is the industry leader in membrane protein antibody discovery, with a pipeline of therapeutic antibodies against GPCRs, ion channels, transporters and immuno-oncology targets. Built on the company’s extensive experience optimizing membrane proteins, this platform enables the isolation, characterization, and engineering of MAbs against otherwise intractable targets. Integral Molecular discovers antibodies for partners in parallel with independent work developing antibodies for licensing. The company currently has therapeutic programs focused on cancer, pain, immunity, and metabolic disorders.

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Ross Chambers, VP of Antibody Discovery

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