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Integral Molecular Announces Lipoparticle Distribution in Japan by Funakoshi

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Integral Molecular, a leader in membrane protein reagents and services, announces an exclusive agreement with Funakoshi for the distribution of Integral Molecular’s catalog of concentrated membrane protein “Lipoparticle” products in Japan. This agreement enables customers in Japan to have direct access to these high quality membrane protein reagents.

Integral Molecular’s Lipoparticle technology represents a stable, cell-free solution for displaying native conformations of highly concentrated membrane proteins for antibody and drug discovery applications. Lipoparticle targets span each major membrane protein class, such as GPCRs and ion channels, and include well established drug targets like the beta-2-adrenergic receptor and chemokine receptor CXCR4.

“This partnership with Funakoshi will provide scientists in the growing Japanese research community direct access to our technology,” said Dr. Benjamin Doranz, president of Integral Molecular. “Funakoshi is an ideal partner for us in Japan, with an extensive distribution network, strong marketing strategies, and excellent customer support.”

“Funakoshi is pleased to secure the exclusive rights to distribute Integral Molecular Lipoparticles to customers in Japan. Integral Molecular Lipoparticles complement our extensive offerings of life sciences research reagents that meet high demands for basic bioscience research and also for the pharmaceutical research in Japan,” said Dr. Ryoya Funakoshi, President & CEO of Funakoshi Company, Ltd.

Integral Molecular offers custom-produced Lipoparticles with user-specified membrane proteins on a fee-for-service basis, as well as ReadyReceptor Lipoparticles that ship quickly and contain pre-validated high-concentration membrane proteins. Each lot of Lipoparticles is quality controlled and provided with technical protocols for relevant applications. These include antibody screening, biosensor assays and ELISA binding assays. Lipoparticles can be biotinylated or fluorescently labeled to accommodate specialized applications.

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