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Integral Molecular and IntelliCyt Corporation Announce Co-marketing Collaboration

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Integral Molecular and IntelliCyt Corporation today announced the formation of a collaborative marketing alliance to co-promote Integral’s Shotgun Mutagenesis protein mapping and engineering platform and IntelliCyt’s HTFC Screening System. Co-marketing efforts, including multiple conference presentations and webinars, will highlight the improved productivity and accelerated rate of antibody discovery the paired technologies provide. Both companies are attending the 23rd annual Antibody Engineering conference in San Diego on December 3rd.

“IntelliCyt’s HTFC Screening System has been an enabling technology for us”, commented Ben Doranz, President and CSO at Integral Molecular. “When we made the transition from a traditional HRP-based screening platform to the HTFC Screening System for our Shotgun Mutagenesis process, we were able to streamline workflows, improve reproducibility and generate higher-fidelity data with fewer repeat experiments. We now deliver protein mapping project results to our customers much faster. Our co-marketing efforts will publicize how both platforms, when combined, speed the pace of drug and antibody discovery against complex protein targets.”

“Integral’s adoption of the HTFC Screening System, the ease in transition to using our technology and the great success they’ve had validates the unique value our platform brings to screening efforts in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science laboratories”, commented Terry Dunlay, CEO at IntelliCyt. “We’re delighted to partner with Integral Molecular. Our high-throughput flow cytometry system complements Integral’s Shotgun Mutagenesis platform as it enables the generation of high quality data from thousands of wells containing individual mutants expressed in live cells that are typically assayed in a single project. Together, these technologies offer a more rapid and comprehensive path to developing new therapeutic antibodies.”

IntelliCyt’s HTFC Screening System for cell- and bead-based assays is the first flow cytometry-based benchtop analyzer designed for rapid screening. Unlike other screening technologies that provide data on a per well basis, the HTFC Screening System provides information-rich data on a cell by cell basis in 96- and 384-well microplates. This combined with rapid sample delivery and multiplexing capabilities let researchers in many fields screen large libraries in a matter of days.

Integral Molecular’s Shotgun Mutagenesis technology is a high-throughput strategy for protein mapping and engineering by evaluating alanine scan or other customized mutants across an entire target protein. Integral Molecular offers Shotgun Mutagenesis to customers on a fee-for-service basis.

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