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Our products are also available directly to purchase from Integral Molecular. View the Reporter Virus Particle Catalog page for product details, or contact us for more information.

Customers in the United States with a contractual relationship with can order Reporter Virus Particles, kits, and samples through their click-to-purchase website.

Customers in India can order our products through Krishgen BioSystems. Visit their website or send them an email.

Customers in South Korea can order our products through Sungwoo Life Sciences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RVPs incorporate virus-specific envelope proteins that are antigenically equivalent to those of live wild-type viruses. They contain a modified genome and so are replication-incompetent and safe to use under standard safety levels (BSL-2). Once the RVPs are in your hands, you can begin your neutralization assays immediately – no need for growing and sequencing live virus.
RVPs are used for infectivity and neutralization assays, and are ideal for use in high-throughput assay formats. They are a safe (BSL-2) and efficient alternative to live virus plaque or microneutralization assays. Many customers use our RVPs to conduct sera neutralization assays to assess efficacy of their vaccine or vaccine candidate.
Luciferase and GFP are used for quantitative readouts.

Integral Molecular offers many vaccine development solutions including the production of reporter viruses, epitope mapping on viral targets, protein engineering for vaccine discovery, and antibody discovery against viral targets.

Yes. We can produce custom RVPs to accelerate your vaccine or antibody development project, with variants of current RVPs, or for a virus of your choice. We have a team of expert scientists that acts as your partner from project initiation to delivery of RVPs. Our customized quality control services and reports meet the specific needs of your team and project.

Yes. We can produce large lots of RVPs to accommodate screening 100s or 1000s of samples in sera neutralization assays without bridging studies.

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