Solutions for Vaccine Development

Innovative tools for vaccine discovery, development and antibody characterization

How can Integral Molecular help me accelerate my vaccine development program?

Vaccine development requires deep understanding of how the humoral immune system targets a viral pathogen. We offer specialized technologies, critical reagents, and characterization tools that can help determine the efficacy of new vaccines.

Virology Experience

At Integral Molecular, we apply our expertise with complex membrane proteins and viruses to provide innovative solutions for vaccines targeting viral Envelope proteins. We have applied this experience to envelope proteins from numerous target viruses, including Dengue, Zika, RSV, HCV, HIV, Ebola, Chikungunya, and others.

"We sought out Integral Molecular for their expertise in the Dengue field. The team has been great to work with, and we have greatly benefited from their new technologies."

Validated Virology Tools

VirusRVPsPre-validated Libraries For Epitope Mapping
SARS-CoV-2Spike protein
Dengue Virus 1prM/E
Dengue Virus 2prM/E
Dengue Virus 3prM/E
Dengue Virus 4prM/E
Zika VirusprM/E
Ebola VirusGP
Chikungunya VirusE2/E1
Hepatitis C VirusE1/E2
Hepatitis B VirussAg
Respiratory Syncytial VirusF protein

Vaccine Development Publications

"I have worked with Integral Molecular on various virology projects, including mapping binding sites of antibodies and maturation of an antibody targeting a viral protein. Integral has expertise/insights into structure based antibody design which helped a lot."

Frequently Asked Questions

1What vaccine development services do you offer?
Integral Molecular offers many vaccine development solutions including the production of reporter viruses, epitope mapping on viral targets, protein engineering for vaccine discovery and antibody discovery against viral targets.
2What RVPs do you offer?
We offer RVPs for Zika and all four Dengue subtype viruses.
3Are RVPs the same as live virus?
RVPs incorporate virus-specific prM/E proteins and are antigenically equivalent to live wildtype viruses. They contain a modified RNA genome so they are safe and replication incompetent.
4How are RVPs used?
RVPs are useful for high-throughput infectivity and neutralization assays. They are an efficient alternative to plaque assays.
5What is the RVP read out?
Luciferase is used for quantitative read out.

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