Lipoparticle Technology

High concentration membrane proteins on virus-like particles, for drug and antibody discovery

How do I get enough membrane protein for antibody immunization and screening?

Epitopes Differentiate Mechanism of Action
Epitope Maps Strengthen Intellectual Property

How is your epitope mapping technology different?

Lipoparticles are nano-scale virus-like particles (VLPs) containing high concentrations of specific membrane proteins in their native conformation. Lipoparticles capture conformationally-intact membrane proteins directly from the cell surface, enabling these complex proteins to be manipulated as essentially soluble proteins.

"Integral Molecular provided identification of critical binding residues for an antibody for which no mapping had been successfully done after years in development Excellent team, excellent communication, results when promised results with impact to drive decision making."


Why is this approach so successful?

Integral Molecular assesses antibody binding on target proteins directly within intact cells. Each individual residue is mutated using proprietary Shotgun Mutagenesis technology for high-throughput Creation of mutants, allowing precise resolution of binding Specificity.

Lipoparticle applications include:

  • Immunization
  • Phage/yeast display
  • Antibody screening by ELISA
  • Kinetic analysis by biosensor
  • Radioligand and fluorescent binding assays
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What epitope mapping services do you offer?

Pre-validated Shotgun Mutagenesis libraries are available for expedited project turnaround time. Epitope mapping services are provided on a fee-for-service basis, and Integral Molecular provides access to all data in order to enable regulatory and intellectual property filings.

Custom Lipoparticles

Lipoparticles are customized to incorporate any membrane protein of choice. Each batch of Lipoparticles is assessed using up to 16 quality control metrics to ensure homogeneity, purity, and target protein integrity.

Ready Receptor Lipoparticles

Pre-validated Lipoparticles contain optimized, highly-expressed membrane proteins and are available for rapid delivery. Ready Receptor Lipoparticles are produced and validated using all of the stringent quality metrics used for Custom Lipoparticle production.

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Sample Kits

Lipoparticle sample kits containing prototype GPCRs and matched Null Lipoparticles are available for overnight delivery to enable application optimization and small-scale testing.

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Target Class: GPCR

Therapeutic Area Pre-validated Library
Oncology CXCR2
Infectious disease Oncology CXCR4
Infectious disease CCR5
Taste perception TAS2R16

Target Class: Viral Env

Therapeutic Area Pre-validated Library
Infectious disease CHIKV E1/E2
Infectious disease DENV prM/E
Infectious disease РИМ sAg
Infectious disease HCV E1/E2
Infectious disease EBOV G
Infectious disease RSV F
Infectious disease HIV gp41/gp120
Infectious disease Zika prM/E

Target Class: Cell junction protein

Therapeutic Area Pre-validated Library
Oncology Claudin-1
Oncology Claudin-4

Target Class: Membrane protein

Therapeutic Area Pre-validated Library
Oncology MCAM

Target Class: Receptor tyrosine kinase

Therapeutic Area Pre-validated Library
Oncology Her-2

Custom Epitope Mapping Services

An Ala-scan mutation library is created for the protein target of interest and used to test binding of Cutomer's MAbs/ligands.

Epitope Mapping Publications

"When we carried out an epitope mapping study We had many emails and calls to discuss the Science. Integral seemed genuinely interested in Our Science. The group that we dealt with were responsive and helpful. Not just there to Sell you things."


Frequently Asked Questions

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6What is the deliverable from Shotgun Mutagenesis?

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