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We welcome partnerships with companies interested in developing highly differentiated preclinical antibodies into first-in-class therapeutics in areas of pain, immunity, oncology, and metabolic disease (e.g., NASH).

Antibody Discovery for Membrane Protein Targets. It’s not Impossible.

Multi-spanning membrane proteins are the targets of ~50% of all small-molecule drugs but only 3 therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), due to the challenges of working with these complex proteins.
We are the industry leader in discovering antibodies against complex membrane protein targets with a success rate of 95%. Our specialized technologies provide unprecedented access to a whole class of clinically important, yet untapped, targets.

Antibody Licensing (Our MAbs)

We develop pre-clinical therapeutic MAbs against difficult membrane protein targets, including GPCRs, ion channels, and transporters.

These antibodies exclusively owned by Integral Molecular were discovered using our MPS Discovery Engine. Our technology delivers a pipeline of lead MAb candidates against membrane protein targets into preclinical development.

Antibodies developed at Integral Molecular are:

  • Fully humanized
  • Designed to recognize both human and rodent orthologs
  • Potent in animal disease models

Antibody Discovery (Your Targets)

At Integral Molecular, we work with you to discover therapeutic MAbs against your targets by applying our expertise in membrane protein antibody discovery and target biology.

We partner with our clients to meet their needs and are uniquely suited to advance your therapeutic programs.

New Target Discovery in Immuno-Oncology

We have identified novel therapeutic targets on distinct immuno-oncology axes using our breakthrough Membrane Proteome Array (MPA). MPA applies 5,300 human membrane proteins expressed in live human cells for binding and functional assays for new target discovery.

We welcome partnerships with companies to develop these targets into therapeutics for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

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