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Membrane Proteome Array

MPA Discovery Services

The Membrane Proteome Array (MPA) is a high-throughput cell-based platform for profiling the specificity of antibodies and other molecules that target human membrane proteins. MPA evaluates antibody target specificity, identifies off-target interactions, deconvolutes the targets of orphan antibodies, and delivers detailed comparative binding profiles for biosimilars. MPA directly detects antibody binding to membrane proteins on human cells. Accordingly, antibody specificity is profiled on membrane proteins that display native conformations and the appropriate post-translational modifications. With 15+ years of experience in membrane proteins, Integral Molecular offers downstream validation studies for newly identified target proteins using its suite of specialty technologies including antibody engineering, kinetic analysis and epitope mapping.


  • Antibody target deorphaning
  • Antibody specificity profiling
  • Biosimilar profile comparison
  • Virus and toxin receptor deorphaning


  • Screening against 5,300 unique human membrane proteins
  • Validated for expression in human cells
  • Native protein conformation and post-translational modifications
  • High sensitivity detection by flow cytometry
  • Downstream technologies for validation of identified targets

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